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Five Star Training: Success Stories

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“All of my managers and hourly team members attended Five Star Training's four-day seminar series and enjoyed them immensely. Pam was extremely enthusiastic and gelled right away with my team. Five Star Training's restaurant training programs are not just fluff…they are full of valuable substance. Pam provided us with essential tools and concrete concepts to sink our teeth into. After the seminars, we experienced a higher level of teamwork, a boost in morale, and increased positive guest comments. Most importantly, we experienced a 30% increase in sales and a solid spike in check averages directly after Pam’s training. Indeed…a very good investment for us!”

Ray Barshay
River Grille Restaurant and Crabby Joe’s Deck and Grill
Ormond Beach, Florida

“Five Star Training trained our front staff for our new restaurant opening and our existing hotel front desk clerks. From the start, I was very impressed with Pam as she was extremely passionate and knowledgeable.

Pam conducted five seminars which were all customized to reflect our unique concept and business operations. What amazed me the most was how my team stayed enthusiastic and engaged—even during some of the longer full-day seminars! Every team member said the seminars were very fun and interactive.

I confidently recommend Five Star Training and you can be sure Pam is not just an instructor, but a highly skilled motivator who knows the hospitality industry inside and out. The training was exactly what I had looked for and the opening was a tremendous success!”

Michael Dona
Director of Food and Beverages
Ventura Crown Plaza
Ventura, California


A random selection of written evaluations from the seminar attendees:

“The seminars were great…Pam is a motivating speaker and keeps things lively“

“I learned a lot and the seminars were not boring at all. I like the eye contact exercise best of all and know how to better engage with the guest when I waitress. I’m making better tips!“

“Learned some really good approaches and concepts to bond better with our guests when working the front desk”. ”

The Wyndam Hotels
The Carousel Inn and Suites
Ventura Crown Plaza
Los Angeles, CA

"We bought our manuals from Five Star Training and have been thrilled ever since. You can tell they are written by top writers that really know their stuff. Five Star Training's manuals are thorough, concise, and have valuable information. I especially liked the structure, which contained an outline of the main topics....the information flows from start to finish and is easy for our employees to read and understand. All of the work was already done and saved us months of development time."

Bill Becker
Hooters Restaurants
436 South Andrews Avenue
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301
“Pam is not just an instructor…she is a professional, high energy, motivator! Her seminars are very lively and she inspired our team to achieve top performance. My staff was quite impressed and commented of how they felt highly valued with receiving personalized attention. Pam captivated everyone’s attention and our team was very engaged and fully participated. We received excellent staff evaluations and numerous requests for future training by Pam. Our restaurant opened smoothly with our teams highly trained and well-oiled for success. During opening week, our guests were impressed and commented that they could not believe we just opened!”

Nick Moloney
The Point Bar and Grill
Lakeview, Michigan
“Pam dynamically delivered a creative seminar with profit-generating strategies…a sure winner for anyone operating and managing a business.”

John Abels
Manager of Education & Culinary Program
National Restaurant Association

A random selection of written evaluations from the seminar attendees:

“Pam made learning fun. I was unsure about attending this training and now I'm glad I did.”

“I am making many 25% tips using the selling tips Pam taught us.“

“Pam does a great job connecting with everyone and you can tell she really loves what she does…she was very nice to us and is a great teache.r”

The Wyndam Hotels
Avenue of the Arts
Los Angeles, CA

 “Five Star Training’s manuals were full of substance and easy to customize…a perfect tool for building a solid foundation for our company’s growth. Our new hires continually rate our “training materials and programs” in the top 95%. Pam customized a customer service, server training, train-the-trainer and management training program.  She did a super job…all programs were very clear and concise. A few months after the training materials and programs were put into operation we experienced a 10%-15% decrease in turnover at our restaurant. The training has really paid off for us”

Ray Barshay, President
Funky Pelican
Flagler Beach, Florida
"I found Five Star Training online and was impressed by their professionalism and pleasant customer service. They really listened to my company's needs and invited questions. Their manuals were just the structure we needed and lived up to their advertisement. The manuals are very comprehensive and well organized...we were even able to create full training programs directly from the material. They truly are five-star quality and an investment that is paying off."

Jeri Huebbe
Amici Restaurante
612 Fourth Street
Peru, IL  Illinois 61354
"We retained Five Star Training to assist us with our restaurant opening and employee training. The digital manuals we bought were professional—all structured in a well organized format, very thorough, and easy to customize. Pam custom developed valuable opening training materials for the kitchen and service staff. She properly assessed our needs and all the materials totally reflected our culture.  Pam presented employee seminars which were fun and interactive for our team.  Pam did what it took to exceed our needs…she immediately responded to our requests and was available for us days, nights and weekends. Most importantly, our restaurant opening ran very smoothly. I highly recommend Five Star Training to you."

Sherry Abedi
Food & Beverage Director
Madison Hotel
Washington DC
“The Find the Pearl two-day seminar is a must for anyone managing people. Our team discovered many proven concepts and applied them the next day. Every manager rated the seminar's quality and instructor's performance a “five” in excellence. This will change the way you manage people forever!”

Teri Browoski
HR Director
The Polo Club
“Five Star Training recruited us a top Chef and talented General Manager who stayed with us for 8 years! They found us a second General Manager to fill the shoes of our first one. He is very skilled and a solid match for our company…kudos to Five Star Training.”

Rick and Bruno Falkenstein
The Hurricane Restaurant
St. Pete Beach, Florida
"The Profit Booster Hospitality Seminar series is the core foundation to our training program. This series is a sure profit-maker for anyone operating a restaurant and managing people. Both management and staff should have the opportunity to experience this program...a great eye-opener with several light bulb moments!"

Patrick Pendola
The Whistle Stop Grill & Bar
"Our team was ready and prepared for opening day.  Five Star Training contributed to our successful restaurant opening that generated repeat business and positive word-of-mouth advertising."

Mike Owens
Director of Operations
Brick Oven Court Yard Grille
"As we expand, we retained Pam to develop our recipes and cooking/prep procedures for all our menu items. Pam worked in our kitchen and observed us building each menu item while writing the hot-to technical steps. Pam was professional and captured all our specific details while asking us questions along the way. Our company and franchise owners now have well written and thorough menu information and all locations in our chain are making our menu items the same way and training is much easier!"

Randy Ahmad
Salem’s Gyros and Subs
Tampa, Florida 33617
"Pam is a fantastic keynote speaker. She captivated the audience with her passion, knowledge, and enthusiastic delivery style…our members wrote rave reviews!"

Marlene West
West Coast Field Representative
Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association

A random selection of written evaluations from the seminar attendees:

"Been to lots of hotel customer service training seminars…first one that I can actually say was mega fun!"

"I really loved the role play exercises and learning hands on how to deal with upset guests. Now I feel more confident when guests are upset and know the right words to say"

"I did not think I can learn much since I’ve been serving for over 10 years. I have to admit that I learned some new things I will definitely use on the job"

"A frequent guest commented on the service being much better"

Marie Bloomquist
The Wyndam Hotels
The Annabella Hotel
Anaheim, CA

"Five Star Training’s seminars were very lively and interactive. Their programs helped us cut costs and boost sales. Our positive guest comment cards and repeat business was proof. We experienced increased productivity among our teams and reduced turnover."

Kirsten Martino
Vice President
Bono’s of America
"I thought all restaurant manuals would be similar. However, after researching other restaurant training web sites and reading several sample pages of manuals online, I realized there really is a difference. We purchased several manuals from Five Star Training and were impressed with how easy they were to customize. All of the information was right there. We wanted to make the right investment the first time and Five Star Training's manuals were exactly what we our staff has a professional and valuable training tool. Thanks."

Henry C. Sheehy
London Bridge Resort
1477 Queens Bay
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403

"Pam conducted restaurant seminars for our managers and staff. I was amazed how she kept my team engaged with lots of interactive exercises. I was impressed of how she connected with each of my staff members and how well she captivated the audience with her lively style and positive attitude.

The training evaluations received top scores with the large majority of attendees making references to Pam being a fantastic speaker and how they learned a lot…in a very fun way.

Directly after the seminars, our restaurant add-on sales increased nearly 25% and we received many comments from our members noting all the service enhancements.

Today, to see my team members thrive and to continue to use the training concepts and approaches, is the icing on the cake! "

Chris Robertson
Touchstone Golf
1477 Queens Bay
Austin, TX

"We hired an hourly driver through Five Star Training. He has been employed with us for over five years and has won employee-of-the-month several times. He is one of our most reliable drivers, is an excellent team player and possesses top customer service skills."

Bill Smith
Pizza Hut
Clearwater, Florida
"My staff thoroughly enjoyed the presentations, which was reflected in high evaluation scores. After the seminar, there was a noticeable difference in teamwork and camaraderie. We adopted many fresh, new concepts and ideas!"

John Schrader
Food & Beverage Director
Feather Sound Country Club
"Pam coached our chef and he became a more effective delegator and leader. Pam’s training programs have significantly improved our turnover resulting in greater bottom line profits…money well spent!"

Mike Carcaise
VP of Operations
Dan Marino’s Town Tavern
"Pam conducted a series of seminars for our existing restaurants and helped us open our new franchise location. You can see that Pam’s many years of corporate experience has added to her expertise. Her training programs were fantastic and a huge success with my team. Pam is a pleasure to work with and she attended to all our needs…working days, evenings, and weekends!"

Matt Loder
Crabby Bill’s Restaurants
Indian Rocks, Florida
"Five Star Training provided us with a Pre-Opening Training Calendar/Agenda for our restaurant. This tool was very beneficial and played a huge role in the success of our staff training and to get us ready for opening day! Pam also conducted a series of management and trainer seminars…all very motivating. We attribute our 30% reduction in turnover to Five Star Training’s training programs."

Alkis Crasas
Tampa, Florida

1-800-385-STAR (7827)