Five Star Training-Restaurant Training and Seminars for Restaurant Management and Staff
Five Star Training-Restaurant Training and Seminars for Restaurant Management and Staff

Restaurant Training Specialist
Pam Simos

Five Star Training-Restaurant Training and Seminars for Restaurant Management and Staff
33 Years of

-Business Degree
-Hospitality Grad.
-Keynote Speaker
-Published Author
-Former Trng. Dir.
& Multi-Unit Dir.
-Store Opener

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 Retreat to
St. Pete

Retreat to St. Pete
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Hotel Training

Hotel Training is Available

Restaurant Management Training

Restaurant Management Training

Train your managers to become strong leaders & valuable assets to your company just like the chains


Seven Proven Products and Services:


1. Management/Operations Manual - Customize it yourself!

The 400-page digital manual downloaded to you contains: 100+ forms, checklists, training schedules, 75-area safety checklist, 15-page restaurant inspection/audit, and more

Restaurant Digital Manual

2. Restaurant Seminars - We train your managers live on your premises or in Florida

See topics and agenda of 30 proven instructor-led, skill-building seminars

Restaurant Seminars for Managers

3. Online Training & Webinars - We train managers online-No travel!

Receive instructor-led skill-building training (presented individually or in small groups)

Restaurant Training Webinars

4. Coaching & Mentoring Program - We train executives & managers (one-on-one)

Receive intensive, customized training (similar to private tutoring)

Coaching and Mentoring Program

5. Train-the-Trainer- Learn how to create and facilitate classroom training & seminars

Design classroom training and seminars using proven mini modules and written exercises 

Sample Topics: Communication, Leadership, Customer Service, Teamwork, and more

See 4 out-of-the-box training programs - You build it yourself with our tools

See Server power point training program - You teach it yourself with our full program

Classroom Training

6. On-the-Job Training - We create "hands-on" training programs in your restaurant

Implement a results-oriented management and hourly on-the-job training program with daily tasks and checklists

On The Job Restaurant Training

7. Serve Em' Up Waiter & Waitress Webinar -We Train you how to train servers

Discover how to create a world-class, simplified server training program and manage and run your front-of-the-house operations like clockwork!

Learn how to:

  • Develop a results-oriented server training program with all the essential tools and materials needed to maximize training
  • Design your server training program for optimal success by building a solid training foundation, employing core training elements, and creating systems and structures.
  • Streamline, organize, and chunk training into easy, manageable parts for comprehensive and peak productivity
  • Employ proven training exercises, learning acronyms and visual aids for interactive and accelerated learning
    Waiter and Waitress Webinar

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