Five Star Training-Restaurant Training and Seminars for Restaurant Management and Staff
Five Star Training-Restaurant Training and Seminars for Restaurant Management and Staff

Restaurant Opening Specialist
Pam Simos

Five Star Training-Restaurant Training and Seminars for Restaurant Management and Staff
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Preopening Restaurant Checklist and Startup Services

We create smooth restaurant openings! See below for our proven 27 training and opening services starting from pre-opening training through the overseeing of opening day and onwards through the support days (after the opening day). Choose one or more services and professional advice that is conducted by phone, online, and/or on your premise!

1. Hold initial meetings & provide consult and project management for the entire new restaurant pre-opening process. (I.e. establish game plans, punch lists & systems, the incorporation of a master timeline/task list (200 tasks) to stay focused on priorities)

10. Implement a structured train-the-trainer program to include trainer seminars and the employment of a Trainer Tool Kit


19. Coordinate, schedule, & prepare invitations for all invited guests with establishing specific dining times for  trial/mock runs   


2. Implement a comprehensive structure for the pre-opening training program, including off-the-shelf & any custom written materials (I.e., manuals, recipes, cook/prep procedures, policy handbooks, etc.)

11. Oversee the train-the-trainer opening team process including, selecting, interviewing, training, scheduling, coordinating, & overseeing the role of the trainers

20. Develop and perform various assessments of staff, managers, mock/trial runs, & overall restaurant operations

3. Determine the opening team of managers and/or staff & assign people to opening tasks while maximizing productivity & streamlining efficiency & time management

12. Facilitate ongoing meetings, consult & project manage while monitoring the completion of tasks associated with the timeline/task list & punch lists

21. Faciliate ongoing meetings, consult, & project manage with monitoring systems & maintaining opening timelines, task lists, & schedules

4. Oversee & direct the opening team throughout the entire restaurant pre-opening process


13. Facilitate 5-7 seminars & skill-building workshops with elements of role play for all staff & management (i.e welcome rally-kick-off program, orientation, POS, server training, train-the-trainer, etc.)

22. Coordinate teams & prepare for opening day with  conducting a motivational, pre-opening meeting summarizing the opening game plan


5. Determine the new hire staffing levels for each job position & training budgets based on the restaurant size, concept, seating capacity, etc. 

14. Coordinate travel & hotel accommodations for the opening team (applicable to out of town openings)

23. Staff & position opening team members in the various departments/areas & identify their areas of responsibilities

6. Assist in the recruitment, interviewing & hiring for all levels of management & staff

15. Provide a full list of needed training materials,  tools/supplies & opening materials (I.e., systems, forms, checklists, task lists, templates, etc.)

24. Utilize time management to maximize the time, productivity, & workflow streamlining of the training & organizational process

7. Employ a training calendar/agenda for new hires with schedules, agendas, & training topics for all job positions

16. Oversee & coordinate the administration of the testing, grading, & uniform issue to include the development of tests & grading procedures

25. Hold meetings and perform continued consulting & assist in the execution of the opening while working hands-on and multi-tasking  

8. Coordinate the entire training new hire seminar registration process including the implementation of an organized, written system with registration forms

17. Coordinate & schedule new hires, trainers, speakers, & invited guests for trial/mock runs

26. Oversee & direct opening day to the public while working hands-on, multi-tasking, & performing multiple assessments


9. Oversee & guide new hires throughout the entire new hire and training process including on-boarding, paperwork, human resources, orientation, & training  

18. Structure, orchestrate, & oversee trial/mock runs where the staff works in the roles of both the service reps & customers. The staff's family/friends & invited guests dine in a simulated environment, similar to paying customers

27. Oversee & direct the days following opening day to the public (support days) while workig hands-on, multi-tasking, & performing multiple assessments


See Preopening Timeline and Tasklist with 200 Essential Tasks

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