Five Star Training-Restaurant Training and Seminars for Restaurant Management and Staff
Five Star Training-Restaurant Training and Seminars for Restaurant Management and Staff

Restaurant Seminar Facilitator
Pam Simos

Five Star Training-Restaurant Training and Seminars for Restaurant Management and Staff
33 Years of

-Business Degree
-Hospitality Grad.
-Keynote Speaker
-Published Author
-Former Trng. Dir.
& Multi-Unit Dir.
-Store Opener

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Our seminars and webinars are…

  1. Created by Pam, founder and hospitality training expert with unsurpassable credentials and 33+ years working in all ranks of the hotel and restaurant industry including as a corporate trainer director and hospitality writer.

  2. Strictly designed for the hotel and restaurant industry with its unique business model and  specific operational standards—all integrated into our powerful training programs.

  3. Contains customized elements to reflect your company’s needs so your team feels they matter. Your our core culture’s key elements and philosophies are integrated into the programs and our instructors fit right in as credible role models versus canned facilitators presenting a generic, out-of-the-box programs.

  4. Comprised of proven substance that  generates profitable results by increasing sales and reducing employment turnover. We teach your team core life skills whether transforming them to be productive, powerful leaders, expert coaches, interviewing pros, guest service specialists, complaint recovery experts, problem solvers, communicators and more.  See concepts taught and profit potentials—in real numbers

  5. Taught by Pam and hospitality-degreed, friendly and caring instructors with 25+ years of hospitality experience working through the ranks of the industry allowing them to build bonds and trust among your learners. Our instructors share stories as learning points based on their actual on-the-job experience which foster positive connections and commonality.

  6. Instructed by passionate facilitators who inspire and motivate learners to take ownership of the concepts and to immediately drive action and high performance of the newfound approaches. Our facilitators are not just instructors—they energize and motivate.

  7. Facilitated in manageable size groups or one-on-one so your teams receive focused, personalized attention unlike highly attended seminars where learners are just a number. However, for conferences (larger attendances) we offer 45-90 minute keynote presentations that are highly-charged and designed to entertain (not skill-building).

  8. Conducted day, evening, and weekends in various locations and venues including on your premises, online, by phone, or in Sunny Florida, a fantastic business getaway and retreat. We are flexible and adapt to the schedule demands of the hospitality industry.

  9. Organized, focused, and streamlined as our instructors teach only a few concepts at a time, each one tailored with a systematic approach and learning fundamentals as they build upon one another to achieve a  natural progression.

  10. Highly interactive with proven exercises and role play to expedite the learning curve and anchor and support the concepts. We use your company-specific scenarios so your learners can instantly apply the principles and implement their newfound skills. .

We are driven for your success!

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